Motivation® Classic

Motivation Classic® is the health promotion system that BSDI built its business on and is still the portal most commonly used by our clients. It is our most flexible system and offers an amazing degree of control over the content and features offered. Classic is for those clients that want a unique solution and who have the time and energy to customize the portal to their health promotion program.

Flexibility and Power

Motivation Classic is extraordinarily flexible and powerful. It consists of 22 pre-configured modules plus custom logging and team challenges that you can turn on or off. Want a minimalist site with just a Home Page, HRA results and an Incentive Program link? Classic can do that. Want a comprehensive system filled with logs and programs? Classic can do that too!

You can tailor most of the pages in Classic using our built-in Content Management System. For example, if you would like to add an exercise of the week to the Workout Log page, you could do so by editing that page.

The flexibility goes even further: Classic has dozens of configuration options that let you specify in detail how the system works. Many of these options - like the options available to participants - are also configurable by location so that you can run quite distinct programs at each of your locations or organizations.

Senior Health

Motivation Classic is a great solution for senior care. Classic allows staff to collect the Senior Fit Test and Senior Health Questionnaire. The results from these useful tools can be analyzed to gain a perspective of your senior population.

Incentive Programming

BSDI was one of the first vendors to create software for incentive programming when we did it nearly 20 years ago. Our incentive management tools have gotten a lot better since then but one thing always stands out: a drive to offer the most flexible, effective tools in the industry.

The Classic incentive program is built around incentive points earned for a broad variety of configurable options. Clients can earn points for activities they have logged, steps logged via pedometer, checking in at your fitness facility, etc. You can also define specific activities (e.g. getting a check-up) and letting people earn points by completing these activities or behaviors. It is very straightforward to lay out your incentive program and to follow up with reports that provide the specific status of all of your participants.

Wellness Profile HRA/HSA

BSDI offers the Wellness Profile: a detailed Health Risk/Health Status assessment that is perfect for capturing the state of your population. Our HRA covers common medical conditions, CHD risk profile, exercise and dietary habits, medical system usage, substance abuse, psychological and spiritual state, readiness for change, and more. The Health-Related Productivity Loss Instrument (HPLI) is built right in as well to give you detailed analysis of productivity losses due to medical impairments.

Unlike other companies that "validate" their HRA by paying for a badge to place on their web site, BSDI funded a large population health analysis study with the University of North Carolina to fully validate every aspect of the HRA. The biostatisticians at UNC used the best methods offered by modern bio statistical analysis to ensure that you will be deploying a state-of-the-art assessment.

Activity & Biometric Logging

Motivation Classic has a variety of powerful logging tools. Clients can log their exercises and activities and track calories burned over time. There is a pedometer log, a weight log, and areas for blood pressure and blood chemistry. If they are participating in a team challenge, then the weight and pedometer logging pages present information about team standings as well.

If you'd like to create a specialty log, it is very simple to set up a page where clients can log any value you want to track.

Note that The Alliance has more powerful workout, diet and lifestyle logs. The Classic portal, however, has all of the tools that your program will need to succeed and the pages in Classic are fully customizable!

Team Challenges

If you would like to run a Team Weight Loss or Team Pedometer challenge, then Motivation Classic is your best choice.

Participants sign up for the Team Lean Challenge on their weight log page. On the administrative side, this sets up a "Weigh-In" task so that you can get the participant's official start weight. You then have a variety of tools for setting up and allocating participants to teams - including fully automated ones. Once on a team, participants enter their own weight during the bulk of the program and Motivation will automatically track participant progress and keep team ranks up to date. Participants get to see their team's standing right on their Team Lean Challenge page. As the program draws to a close, the system tracks all of the participants in need of a final weigh-in so that you can determine the winning team and participant.

The Team Pedometer challenge uses many of the same team-allocation tools but does not require a starting and ending value. Participants have a dedicated pedometer page to track their personal and team progress.