A Flexible Corporate Wellbeing Platform

Motivation Alliance is built in a modular fashion with each major component independently enabled. This gives you the power to implement just those well-being processes appropriate to your program.

Major Modules & Features
  • Achievement (Incentive) Program Support
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Team & Individual Challenges
  • Class and Appointment Scheduling
  • Communications: email, notifications, messaging, etc.
  • Front-Desk and Virtual Check-In
  • Complete Analytics, Engagement Dashboard
  • Custom Branding for Your Program
Participant's Tools
  • Activity Logging
  • Steps Logging
  • Food Logging and Diet-Related Behaviors
  • Hydration Logging
  • Preventive Health Tracking
  • Social Tools: Posts, Kudos, Chat
  • Milestones and Progress Tracking
  • Recipes and Cooking
Brand & Customize Your Program
  • Your logo on each page
  • Broad array of color themes or add your own
  • Landing page graphics and text fully customizable
  • Link to External Resources for your program
  • Complete incentive program control
  • Configure modules on participant dashboard
  • Set module order of display
  • Massive, customizable library of emails, notifications, etc.
Participant Engagement
Activity Logging

Give users a workout app equal to the best stand-alone apps! Supported by an expandable media library with over 1300 exercises.

Step Tracking

The Alliance integrates with all popular step trackers. Participants can see their current and historical steps and earn milestones over time.

App/Wearable Integration

Participants already using a favorite app or wearable will love Motivation. We support over 200, including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava, & Garmin.

Food Logging

On-board food logging with USDA database or integration with MyFitnessPal™ and other diet logging apps.

Team & Individual Challenges

Team challenges are a fun, engaging way to help people move more, lose weight, or improve select biometric values.

Inspire Achievement

Create 'Achievement Programs' to give structure and incentives for participants to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


Milestones are an attractive, "card-based" tool for seeing historical progress on almost every measure collected by Motivation Alliance.


Chronicles are the Social Media of the Alliance. Participants share kudos, pictures, and stories with their Allies.


Whether using your coaches or ours, the Alliance coaching tools help you stay organized and in touch with participants.


The Alliance personalizes each participant's experience by using an intelligent algorithm to select targeted content for display.

Preventive Care

Participants are prompted to track age/gender-appropriate preventive care. Stay on top of recommended practices!

Health Risk Assessment

Our validated Wellness Profile HRA/HSA helps clients understand their controllable health risks. Very flexible!


Clients can schedule an appointment with your staff and sign up for a class or event right from the mobile app.


Our Communications suite is second-to-none. Send bulk or individual emails, on-platform messages, and app notifications.

Les Mills

Participants working out from home can raise their pulse with the optional Les Mills workout videos. All media is right on platform!

Note: Motivation Alliance is fully accessible under WCAG 2.0/Section 508 guidelines.
Administrative and Coaching Features
Member Management

Ideal for fitness facilities, the Member Management area provides a comprehensive suite of biometric, profiling, and goal-setting tools for coaches and trainers. Includes over 50 fitness assessments, including Senior testing, as well as a powerful Workout Builder tool.

Communications Dashboard

Easily design a comprehensive communications strategy. Use our CMS to craft content for the landing pages, announce the latest news, generate blog content, and to design a bulk email/messaging/notification program.

Deep Configuration

Flexibility and customization is central to Motivation Alliance. Your portal will reflect the needs, culture, and objectives of your organization. Our highly-trained staff will help you quickly build your customized portal.

Tailor to Subpopulations

Easily segment your population into distinct groups and create tailored portal experiences for each. Organize by location, job role, or almost any other criteria.

Data Management

Our data management team brings an extraordinary depth of experience to data imports, exports, and API integrations. Quickly sync with your HR or EMR software systems.


Motivation Alliance features a powerful data analytics tool and a colorful dashboard. You can access almost any data, analyze program results, and create custom templates to make data access easy.

Calendars & Scheduling

Create calendars for events, recurring classes, or coaches, nurses and trainers. Use powerful features like online enrollment, waiting lists, automatic reminders, and comprehensive reporting.

Achievement Programs

Achievement Programs, often structured with incentives, are a powerful way to organize the collection of lifestyle data and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle. Select from over 70 integrated achievements to create any combination of optional, required, and tiered criteria.